Image by Hemelin at Pixabay

Image by Hemelin at Pixabay

Move On

You don’t belong here. You have somehow blagged your way in to a party you don’t have an invite to. They all know, they’re just not saying it. You are the Elephant in the room.

The BNP in the 80’s, broken eggs, water fights, class struggles, biting, Brexit and juggling in the rain all sit very un-neatly in this one man exploration of what it is to be judged and to be judgemental.

A  show with lots of talking which is probably not for the whole family. 

This is a show in development and we are looking for residencies, development partners and tour dates in 2019. We have been supported by Stratford Circus, ARC Stockton, Proteus, and The National Centre for Circus Arts. 

What audiences think so far.....

“Amazing. Lovely, rich and visceral”

“Intense as well as shocking. Very well executed”

“It was like when you spend that first night chatting to a new friend”.

“I like hearing about addiction, otherness and class anger – it resonates with my story and I never see my story in theatre”.



Memory Man

 This outdoor show is a beautiful wordless piece looking at memory.  In 30 minutes a simple story unravels of a man unpacking a trunk of memories. Objects are revealed, and stories are told.

Memory Man is a simple show for all ages. It features a working electric train, some very entertaining circus skills and lots of bubbles. We won't ruin the end but it features a breath taking and very unexpected finale.

Memory Man will entertain and engage a diverse audience through its sheer simplicity yet highly visual nature. 

Click here to watch the trailer.

Cast: Kaveh Rahnama.

Director: Angela Gasparetto.  Designers: The Flying Butresses