Image by Hemelin at Pixabay

                                                                                                               Image by Hemelin at Pixabay

                                                                                                                    Image by JPeter at Pixabay

                                                                                                                    Image by JPeter at Pixabay


What do you have to do to become a real boy? And why is doing what you’re ‘supposed to do’ so hard? From the producers of The Party, Brrr!, Backgammon for Beginners and The Hot Dots comes a brand new show for all the family. This Pinocchio is full of the type of fun, mischief and magic that normally only happens when grown-ups turn their backs for just a second. Featuring circus, puppetry and live music, all performed on a beautifully hand crafted set,our cast of incredibly skilled performers will make you fall in love with Pinocchio all over again.

Nearly There Yet in association with Proteus, the Albany and ARC Stockton.

Move On

You don’t belong here. You have somehow blagged your way in to a party you don’t have an invite to. They all know, they’re just not saying it. You are the Elephant in the room.

The BNP in the 80’s, broken eggs, water fights, class struggles, biting, Brexit and juggling in the rain all sit very un-neatly in this one man exploration of what it is to be judged and to be judgemental.

A verbatim circus show which is probably not for the whole family. 

This is a show in development and we are looking for residencies, development

partners and tour dates in 2018. It has been made so far with commission money

from Proteus as part of Basingstoke Festival 2017 and financial support from The National

Centre for Circus Arts