The Party

A man excitedly waits for the guests to arrive at his party. The cake is made, the presents have arrived, and the music is playing – all he needs are his friends to make this the best birthday ever. Enter some unexpected guests: a French cyclist, a man dressed as a giant chicken and a mysterious stranger who has apparently never had a birthday. What ensues is an endlessly entertaining topsy-turvy show that humorously explores difficult topics such as sharing, social exclusion, and not always getting what you want.

A fantastically engaging show for young people to enjoy with the whole family … and there’s even pass the parcel.

The Party was created and produced with support from Jacksons Lane and Redbridge Drama Centre. 

Click here to watch the trailer.

Cast: Alice Allart, Ed Stephen, Kaveh Rahnama and Tamzen Moulding.

Director: Mary Swan.

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The Flying Bazazi Brothers

Bounding on to the stage like Wham in cheap suits after too much Lucozade, this riotous double act, dance, juggle, and fall over each other for your viewing pleasure. Featuring internationally renowned superstar Edward Bazazi and his slightly less well known but equally talented brother, Kaveh Bazazi; prepare to be amazed, prepare to be dazzled, and prepare to wonder why they don’t just quit while they’re ahead. 

“I just don’t understand why they’re not more famous” – John, Audience member, Sussex

“Are they really brothers?” – Betty, audience member, North Wales

“My mum really fancies Edward Bazazi” – Anonymous, Sutton

If you want to forget about your troubles and focus on someone else’s, come and see The Flying Bazazi brothers. Ridiculous dancing, dad humour, and a surprising amount of skill and dexterity makes this a show you won’t want to miss.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Performers: Ed Stephen and Kaveh Rahnama.