A busy week for Nearly There Yet

Photo by Pamela Raith Photography

Photo by Pamela Raith Photography

Last week was a busy one for Nearly There Yet! We met with Applause rural touring to plan the forthcoming Flying Bazazi Brothers tour. Acrobat Floria da Silva and Kaveh worked with Swing UK on their new swing act. We also had another great class at Jacksons Lane this week, preparing for our show at the end of term. At Spitalfields night market Kaveh taught juggling to passers by with the National Centre for Circus Arts. And Proteus' show Brrr has been out on tour this week! We asked Kaveh a few questions about how it's going. 

Which has been your favourite venue so far?

It's very difficult to choose because all of them have been amazing. We had shows this week at Proteus for Breakout which had a great atmosphere. Froxfield, the first village hall has to be my favourite because it's the first village hall of the tour and they're always so much fun. 

Did anything happen on stage that the audience may not have noticed?

I had a curry before a show, and there is a part where Beryl bird checks Steve the penguin's breath. I wonder if the audience realise how genuine her reaction was!

Where’s the tour going next?

The next London date will be at the Albany on the 20th November and then we will be taking it out to rural venues until 4th December. You can see the full tour schedule here.