Interview with Floria da Silva

This week, we spoke to the lovely Floria, who regularly teaches with Nearly There Yet and worked with Kaveh to perform a swing inspired act for the festive season.

What have you been working on recently that you enjoy?

As it was Christmas, I had the opportunity to work on a original project for this year, make a swing Christmas act with Kaveh might not sound very original for some, but I have to say it is really not the kind of thing that I would normally make. So it was a nice challenge for me! 

When did you start circus and when did you know you wanted to do it as you job?

I had been doing gymnastics for a few years ( since age 6) but I disagreed with the way we were treated and the teaching methods, so I left to join my local youth circus class at the age of 9. As times went on I loved it more and more and eventually decided that I would carry on doing that as a career when I went to secondary school. I waited until I was old enough to apply for the only circus A-levels equivalent course in France at the time.

How do you think the UK Circus scene compares to the French?

Unfortunately, I can't speak for the whole of the UK as I have mainly been experiencing my career particularly in London. I am yet to learn about the circus culture within Wales, Ireland and Scotland, and even outside of London.

 I think one of the first obvious comparatives is the two different 'scenes' that are quite distinct in the London, but not so much in France. The corporate circus scene is really big in the London, it seems to be completely self sustained and has not much, if any, involvement in the artistic based contemporary scene. On the other side the corporate scene in France is much much smaller and its content is more commonly linked to what you can see at the theatre or under the big top.

Secondly, I'd say the culture and history of performance in each country influences the way people see and create circus, as circus is a very small part of the massive industry that is performance art.

But I would say that traditional circus still has a big influence on the industry in England in comparison to France. The culture of Musical Theatre in England has been feeding into Circus in big and small ways as well.

Circus in France, is, and has been a very popular art form. Due to it's long history, it has been able to evolve, grow and mix alongside different art forms in order to integrate within our ever changing society.

Which show have you seen recently and why did you enjoy it?

Recently, I saw a show called ''Les Chatouilles'' ( The Tickles). It was one woman show using theatre and dance to talk about child abuse. She goes from past to present, switches from on character to the other, never loses her audience. Her movement is very well integrated and justified in the whole show. All the different characters that she gives us are astonishing. More importantly she has found an amazing way to talk about a very taboo subject.

Probably one of the best show I have seen so far, I would definitely recommend it to any French speakers. 

If you weren't a flyer what would your discipline be?

I would love to find someone small enough to be my flyer, it would be very interesting for me to be able to swap roles and understand the other half of my own discipline of hand to hand.