Interview with Paddy Waters - director of the Flying Bazazi Brothers


What is your background in circus? How did you first start?

I was always doing drama as kid and had learned to juggle a little bit. Then the head of the drama school I would go to on weekends taught me to fire breath, fire eat and escapology. After that I was hooked on the circus and spectacle and then went to Circomedia and later the National Centre for Circus Arts.

Do you make your own work? If so, what kind?

I do make my own work, its always very theatrical in nature. More and more I don't make work alone, even if its my own work, I never make it alone

How has it been working with the Bazazi Brothers recently? Any favourite moments?

Great fun working with the Bazazi Brothers. Silly, irreverent, and nicely lighthearted. I always love the 5 minutes before a first showing. When there is nothing you can do anymore but go out and enjoy it

Do you particularly favour indoor or outdoor work? If so, why?

I like both because they both offer different things. Outdoors can be big and loud and brash and over the top. Indoors can be wonderfully subtle and focused. I like both.

Have you seen a show/piece of work recently that you have liked?

I saw a lovely show in the Mime festival that was good. It had sharp knives that always made the audience squirm with tension whenever they were being used.

Have you always wanted to perform?

Yes, since I was very young I've always loved performing and found circus along the way.

Any advice for aspiring performers?

Your fun and pleasure is your North Star that you use to guide you, but you don't always have to follow it and go North