Move On with Umar Ahmed

2017 has bought the very exciting development of Nearly There Yet's new show, Move On. The piece explores themes of home and belonging as well as an ever pervading feeling of never quite fitting in. So far we've been lucky enough to receive support from Lab: Time from The National Centre for Circus Arts as well as a commission from Basingstoke Festival to develop the piece to an early work in progress stage which was shown at Proteus Creation Space earlier this month. 

We will be slowly piecing together the finished project over the coming year and further outings of the piece will be shown in Spring 2018 at ARC Stockton and Stratford Circus.   

Last week we spent two days working on script structure and content up in glorious Stockton (where we will be presenting a three week run of Pinocchio in December). We'll be keeping you posted on it's development on our Facebook page

In the meantime, if you'd like to find out a little more about One Mississippi, the show that Bijli (Umar's company) are currently working on have a look at Trons' website HERE. In very exciting news, they have just been made company in residence at National Theatre of Scotland. We very much look forward to working with Umar and Bijli into 2018 and beyond!

Umar and Kaveh