Interview with Jacko

This week we took the time to ask Jacko - one of our longest attending members of our Sunday classes and base extraordinaire - about his experience of doing acro with us!

How long have you been coming to acrobalance classes? 

2 years

What has kept you coming back? 

The teachers and the atmosphere of the class.

Which tricks are you working on at the moment? 

Hand to hand on the floor with a view to be able to move to standing.

What's your favourite acrobalance move? 

The ping to standing on shoulders.

Do you go and watch much circus work? If so, what kind of thing do you like to see? 

When I get time I love to watch any performance that includes an element of acro.

What challenges do you come across with acrobalance? 

Not being able to practice regularly outside of the class. This really limits my progress.

How would you describe the class to someone who has never been? 

Fun, no pressure with nice people that are up for some fun. It feels like a little family now.