Interview with Abi from Adult Acrobalance

This week Kaveh has been touring Brrr! again and had two amazing performances at the Albany as well as sell out shows at the Pheonix in Borden. We’ve also been working on Nearly There Yet’s business plan for the next 5 years as well as planning Pinocchio with Mary Swan from Proteus Theatre and Fergus Evans. We did a juggling workshop at the Spitalfields Crypt Trust at the New Hanbury Project working with people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, which went really well and we’ll be working more with them in the future. 

This weeks’ adult class was lead by Floria, where the group worked on some small routines stepping through into a reverse stand on thighs and a sequence going through front angel, back angel, straddle bat and tear drop. Here is an interview with Abi Davison-Jenkins, a regular adult acrobalancer who has been coming to the adult classes for 6 years now. 

How long have you been coming to acrobalance classes?

Hmm, I think it must be almost 6 years! 

Which tricks are you working on at the moment?

We are trying to get sitting up while standing in hands. I'm not sure of the technical term?! This is where the base starts by lying down with the flyer (me) standing in his hands and proceeds to do a sit up. We've cracked it once but it's really hard! Last week we tried ping to stand on shoulders for the first time and nailed it. 

What's your favourite acrobalance move?

Washing machine. It looks cool and it's an excellent workout. 

Do you go and watch much circus work?

Yes quite a bit. I think I've seen all of kaveh's shows (what a suck up) plus others at Jacksons lane, Southbank and elsewhere. 

What's your favourite show/ moment is a show?

I know it was aimed at children, but I've never had as much fun in a show as at "The Party".  That was ace.