Kaveh Rahnama and Tamzen Moulding in  The Party;  Nearly There Yet

Kaveh Rahnama and Tamzen Moulding in The Party; Nearly There Yet

The Party

A man excitedly waits for the guests to arrive at his party. The cake is made, the presents have arrived, and the music is playing – all he needs are his friends to make this the best birthday ever. Enter some unexpected guests: a French cyclist, a man dressed as a giant chicken and a mysterious stranger who has apparently never had a birthday. What ensues is an endlessly entertaining topsy-turvy show that humorously explores difficult topics such as sharing, social exclusion, and not always getting what you want.

A fantastically engaging show for young people to enjoy with the whole family… and there’s even pass the parcel.

The Party is brilliant! All the fun of the circus, but set within a world that all children know, so they intuitively connect with it which enhances their enjoyment all the more. Genuinely one of the best children's shows I have seen in a long time. - Annabel Turpin; Chief Exec and programmer, ARC Stockton

The Party played at Polka Theatre over half term week and was a huge success. A very skilled company, and overwhelmingly positive responses from our audiences. I really loved it, a superb show! - Pete Glanville; Artistic Director, Polka Theatre, London.

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Cast: Alice Allart, Ed Stephen, Kaveh Rahnama and Tamzen Moulding.

Director: Mary Swan.

The Party was created and produced with support from Jacksons Lane and Redbridge Drama Centre. 

 Elsa Petit, Lowry James and Michael Wagg in  Lat Rat;  Genius Sweatshop

Elsa Petit, Lowry James and Michael Wagg in Lat Rat; Genius Sweatshop

Lab Rat

Spencer is a man with a big heart, who'll do anything for his daughter.

When he finds out there are clinical trials that offer generous payments to take a new miracle pill, it seems too good to be true. Spencer's test results make him the perfect advert, apart from one major side effect... 

Touching, brilliant and innovative, Lab Rat uses visual theatre and puppetry to explore family, loss and the value of memories.

Lab Rat is a co-production between Genius Sweatshop and Nearly There Yet, supported by Little Angel Theatre and Jacksons Lane. Originally commissioned by Little Angel Firsts. 

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Cast: Michael Wagg, Elsa Petit, Lowri James, with the voice of Jessica Sims as HAT.

Director: Kaveh Rahnama; Co-director: Alison Alexander; Writer: Chris Mason; Music: Liam Quinn.