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Sweet and playful..a barrel load of acrobatic charm. **** The Stage 

As emotionally sophisticated as it is spectacular.

Childrens Theatre Review


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Upcoming shows: Pinocchio will be performed at Jacksons Lane, London, from the 22nd-27th October and at Watermans Arts Centre, London from the 7th - 30th December 2019.

In this new look at the well-known story, we are taken on adventures we could only dream of by our storyteller, Geppetto. Meet all manner of characters: a very shady fox and cat, a performing donkey, a terrible whale who swallows people whole, a talking cricket, and an anglerfish blues band.

This Pinocchio is full of the type of fun, mischief and magic that normally only happens when grown-ups turn their backs for a second. Featuring circus, puppets, and magical storytelling, all performed on a beautifully hand crafted set, this will be one show you will won’t be able to stop thinking about for weeks!

Storytelling, mischief and fun are at the centre of this production…simply mesmerising

Curious Mum

Cast: Umar Butt, Floria Da Silva, Rosie Rowlands and Ed Stephen. Director: Kaveh Rahnama. Writer Mary Swan, Puppetry and Set Designer Alison Alexander, Lighting Design Will Monks, Composer and Sound Design: Liam Quinn, Costume Design Sue Mayes.



The flying bazazi brothers

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This heady mix of celebrity, circus, and family history steeped in tradition is a real one off.  The Bazazi Brothers style is part Cirque du Soleil, part Tom Jones -  with a little Swayze thrown in for good measure. This riotous double act, dance, juggle, and fall over each other for your viewing pleasure and features internationally renowned superstars Edward and Kaveh Bazazi.  Prepare to be amazed, prepare to be dazzled, and prepare to be prepared.

If you want to forget about your troubles and focus on someone else’s, come and see The Flying Bazazi brothers. Ridiculous dancing, dad humour, and a surprising amount of skill and dexterity makes this a show you won’t want to miss.

Great fun, lively, skilled and entertaining.. very polished and great fun. The jokes and tricks worked for both adults and children and they were a real boost to the atmosphere of the fete , even the intermittent drizzle didn't dampen their energy and enthusiasm. This show was perfect for our event. - Organiser; Igtham Fete, 2017

A sparkling and skilled cabaret act - Adrian Berry, Artistic Director, Jacksons Lane

Charmingly Ridiculous - Jo Belloli, Freelance programmer

The Performances worked brilliantly - Alex Williams, booker, Southbank Centre

My mum really fancies Edward Bazazi” – Anonymous; Sutton

Performers: Ed Stephen and Kaveh Rahnama.  

Photo: Liam Croucher

Photo: Liam Croucher

home sweet home

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Part-Iranian, part-Welsh, part-who cares, part-everybody-cares: Home Sweet Home uses circus, stand-up and plenty of true-to-life anecdotes to explore what it is to feel like you don’t belong.

Performer Kaveh Rahnama re-imagines the BNP in the 80s, broken eggs, water fights, class struggles, biting, Brexit, relationships, fatherhood and juggling in the rain. With a classic soundtrack of feel-good hits, this partly autobiographical show is an entertaining look at what it means to be British when one, or both, of your parents isn't.

If you’ve been in a room full of people and felt like you didn’t belong there, or if you’ve had someone say something to you that made you feel really small but you didn’t say anything, then this is the show for you. People have laughed a lot while watching it. A few people cried too.

“Amazing. Lovely, rich and visceral”

“‘Wonderful and truly moving, a heartfelt exploration into belonging”

“It was like when you spend that first night chatting to a new friend”.

“ It resonates with my story and I never see my story in theatre”.

The show has been developed with the support of Arts Council England, Proteus, Stratford Circus, ARC Stockton, and Jacksons Lane. Originally devised as ‘Move On’ by Kaveh Rahnama and Umar Butt.

Devised and performed by Kaveh Rahnama

Director/ writer - Lilac Yosiphon

Movement Director and co-devisor - Angela Gasparetto

Design - Alison Alexander

Lighting Design - Will Monks

Sound design and original score - Liam Quinn